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As a coach training institute that opened its doors in Sweden in 2005, CoachCompanion has been in the coaching space for more than 15 years and we are known for our modern and flexible approach to coaching. With our newest venture in Cluj-Napoca, CoachConnect is now poised to create an impact in the coaching world in and around Romania.

CoachConnect programs are designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing coaching as a career, as well as those who want to develop and use coaching skills in their professional and personal lives to improve performance and maximize the potential for themselves and their teams.

Here’s what you get with us! 

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ICF Accredited Training Programs

Certifications are an excellent measure of the value derived from a coaching program. Our coaching programs are internationally recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) based in the USA and lay out a clear path to attaining globally recognized coach certifications. CoachConnect is accredited by ICF to conduct the oral examinations for the ACC for all our program participants. From your very first interaction with CoachConnect  till you complete your ACC or PCC registration, we guide you through the entire process, giving you valuable mentor coaching and peer coaching opportunities. While giving you the opportunity to practice coaching skills in a safe environment under expert supervision, these certifications add tangible value to your professional portfolio.

Coaching Leadership Programs

Learning to find the right balance between leadership, management, and coaching skills to best manage any given situation is a crucial asset for any high-performing individual, whether the CEO or a project manager. A similar focus on developing coaching skills so that you can listen, observe, and then customize your approach to an individual client’s needs is a critical skill for in-training coaches. CoachConnect programs are customized to facilitate such skill building for both organizational leaders and those training to be credentialed coaches.

Team of Internationally Recognized Coaches

CoachCompanion is one of the oldest and most experienced coach training institutes in Sweden, with coaching centers in Sweden, Finland, South Africa, and Romania. Our team of coaches and coach trainers not only come from varied international backgrounds but also have rich multi-cultural experiences, which equips them with a culturally adaptable approach. They are ACC, PCC, and MCC credentialed, internationally recognized coaches, who are valued members of the ICF community.


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