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Become a team coach! This mastery module to coach groups and teams is for you who are passionate about group processes and dynamics either in a corporate context or in NGO’s missions.

In these 2 days you will learn to use all kind of tools for groups or teams that strives towards a common goal. This is for you if you are a professional coach or a coaching leader.


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What is it?

ICF defines it as partnering in a co-creative and reflective process with a team and its dynamics and relationships in a way that inspires them to maximize their abilities and potential in order to reach their common purpose and shared goals.

What is the difference between them?

As it can be observed from the definition, what makes it different from coaching groups is the fact that a team has a common purpose and a shared goal, whereas a group might have similar interests, but different goals.

For example, a team inside an organization works towards the same goal and in accordance with a common framework and common standards. The people that are part of the group do not necessarily know each other and they could attend for example a group session on career or health, but each individual’s goal with the session is different. Below you will find more details about the role of the coach during a team session which will further clarify what to expect from these kinds of sessions.

How is it different than individual coaching?

The competencies of a team coach build upon the ICF Core Competencies of a coach and you can find comprehensive details about coaching in the context of teams in the ICF Coaching Competencies for Team Sessions.

According to ICF, an essential difference is of course the nature of the client which in the context of team sessions is not represented by individuals, but by the team itself as an entity, that is made up of multiple individuals. Although a coach does not need new competencies in order to coach a team, there are some new sub-competencies necessary in order to be an efficient team coach.

What does a team coach do?

When working with teams, ICF advises that the coach should have a broader understanding on power dynamics inside a team, know how to detect and handle conflict, understand what high performing teams require, be able to strengthen team cohesion, establish rules, make sure every team member contributes and to nurture team autonomy.

Coaching with teams is part of the broader domain of team development which also includes team training, team consulting, team building, team facilitation and team mentoring which differ from one another depending on the time frame, process, growth area, how conflict and team dynamics are handled and who is the expert.

In the case of coaching session the expert is of course the team, team dynamics and conflict are essential and the growth area is represented by the team sustainability and the achievement of the team goal.

Program Structure

As part of this program, you will receive 2 days of training, course literature, on-demand support.

Participation in this module can be done after Professional Coach with Diploma by CoachCompanion, with 64 hours of training and 5 mentor coaching hours or other coach training. 

The program includes:
    • 2 days of training from 9am to 5pm
    • Handouts with all training material created by CoachCompanion
    • On-demand support during training days
    • Participation diploma by CoachCompanion 

Note that the class size is limited to 12 participants

What will I learn?

  • Similarities and differences in coaching individuals and to coach groups
  • The coach’s contract with the group 
  • The group’s own contract
  • Set rules, goals, form actions and take responsibility
  • Use direct communication and mirror the group
  • Feedback, power play & conflicts
  • Group development
  • Create synergy effects
  • Increase the groups awareness about how they in the best way can benefit their own
    resources and create result

How will I learn?

What methods do you use? What approach do you have?
Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the most efficient way for acquiring new skills that remain with you. You get concrete tools that you can immediately put into practice, while you also get to experience their impact on yourself. All our programs are based on experiential learning: this means we rarely use presentations and lectures in-class. The learning is done through a lot of practice and exercises where the participants learn by doing, observing, experiencing, self-reflection and feedback from their peers, which are essential for creating awareness and making an impact. Of course, handouts and materials are sent at the end of each module, but practice is the key.

Volcano® Coaching

Volcano® coaching is a holistic approach to doing coaching. We use this metaphor to refer to the sleeping power source of the untapped potential which we bring to life. For long-term results we discovered that self-awareness is the key element to help clients achieve goals. Anchoring the goals into a strong foundation ensures their fulfilment. All our 15+ years of experience of coaching are gathered in this powerful, modern approach to doing coaching. With very carefully chosen exercises and experiential learning you set a goal from knowing your true self and your values. From knowing what gifts and talents you have and with awareness of your dreams and visions you find the energy and power; and in this you find your motivation to reach your goals.


What you focus on grows! This is something that guides us as coaches and is also deeply rooted into the way we do training and into the flow of our coaching programs. As a coach you have unyielding faith into your client and see their greatness. You don’t need somebody to tell you what’s wrong, you grow when somebody gives you feedback on what you do good. We build on what is already there because you have the potential and the answer lies within you. As a participant in our program, you will deeply experience what that means and know that your uniqueness makes you the best coach you can be.

When can I participate?

Location: Online on Zoom or Strada Horea nr.10, Cluj-Napoca

Language: English/Romanian

Training Days: 10-11 May, 09:00-17:00

Price: 450€

VAT included for private, plus VAT for companies

Discount for employees in NGO’s

As a bonus, during in-class training CoachConnect invites all our program participants to join us for a Swedish Fika on all training days. The Fika is a uniquely Swedish tradition of mingling over coffee and specific Swedish delicacies. We offer all participants a yummy start to the day with a delicious breakfast buffet to go with their morning coffee and an afternoon coffee break with organic treats. Enjoy your Fika as you mingle with a great mix of participants who share their experiences with each other from day one!

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