Professional Coach - ICF Level 1 (ACC)

Professional Coach ICF Level 1 Program is the starting point for all coaching training. On top of that, it is ideal for those who want to make a change in both their own life and the lives of others. 

This program introduces you to the tools and methodologies you need to be able to coach in a professional way. In addition, this training is the first step towards obtaining ICF accreditation in the future. 

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International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Professional Coaching

What is ICF?

ICF is considered the golden standard in coaching. It is the only organization that offers globally recognized coaching credentials to individuals who meet a strict set of requirements.

The coaching industry is evolving rapidly and it seems that anyone can easily call themselves a coach. For this reason, it is important to make sure high standards are kept when it comes to professional coaching.

What does ICF credential mean for a professional coach?

ICF credential is evidence of the fact that you have a deep understanding of the highest standards in coaching and have demonstrated a mastery in them. They declare to the world that you are a professional coach who is recognized for their coaching excellence.

How to become an ICF certified coach?

In order to become an ICF recognized coach you need first of all to go through coach education that is approved by ICF.

Depending on the level that you apply for, the number of training hours that you are required to complete increases and the same applies for the number of client coaching hours. You are also required to have at least 10 mentoring hours, complete a Coach Knowledge Assessment and go though an oral examination to prove your competence.

ICF offers three credential levels for coaching excellence:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC).

Tthere are 3 paths to choose from (see below). You can read more about the 3 paths on the ICF website here.

  • Level 1 (ACC)
  • Level 2 (PCC)
  • Portfolio Path

CoachConnect supports coaches through start to finish Level 1 programs for ACC level.

Program Structure

Our Professional Coach ICF Level 1 Program, gives you the tools and resources to become an ICF’s Associate Certified Coach. 

Over 6 months of certification, you will receive 90+ hours of knowledge including 60+ hours of classes (both synchronous and asynchronous), 10 mentor coaching hours, experience through peer coaching, your own coaching model, clarification on your coaching niche, as well as all course literature, on-demand support, 10+ years of coaching know-how, and a rigorous validation to prove your coaching skills by being assessed through a live coaching session.

The program is structured in modules, spread over 6 months, with each module covering key areas of the coach development journey: Coaching Foundation, Coaching Presence, and Coaching Skills

The program includes:

60+ hours of coursework divided in 60- and 90-minute modules, delivered live and through selflearning
• 10 hours of mentor coaching in groups and 1:1
• Coaching is taught through practice! You will have the opportunity to gain experience with peer
coaching as well as through practice client hours between training modules, and completed before your
certification day.
• Handouts and booklets with all training material
• On-demand support during our modules as well as outside the classroom
• Our program includes the cost for fees for the Examination to be a certified coach and to receive your
diploma. (in case you do not pass at the first attempt, participants may retake the examination, upon
payment of the exam fees of 50 Euros) (NOTE: ICF Certification process is separate from our program
and will require you to pay the ICF required fees to receive the international certification)
•Free membership to our ALUMNI network, which is a place for all certified coaches and for those with
the diploma.
•Option to market your coaching skills and services, through our website.

When can I participate?
Training days & costs

Location: Online

Language: English

Training hoursFlexible

Price: 4.995€ (VAT included for private, + VAT for companies)

Payment plan option:

We support our participants with a monthly payment plan of 6 installments of 900.00€. 

Pre-Enrollment Fee300€ (deducted from the total cost) 

We offer special discount for employees in NGOs.



What will I learn?
Competencies & content

The base for the training lies in the ICF Core Competencies of a coach. Of course, the core competencies are strongly connected with one another, so even though different module will focus on certain core competencies it is important to remember they all build one another.

Creating transformation is at the heart of everything we do, and our training lies in the ICF Core Competencies of our coaches. The 8 core competencies are strongly connected with one another, so while each module might focus on a specific core competency, they ultimately all build on one another.

Coaching Foundation 

Coaching foundation is about understanding the role of the coach, the duty we have towards our clients, and the intent we wish to bring into the coaching partnership. Main Core competencies: Demonstrates Ethical Practice, Establishes and Maintains Agreements, Embodies a Coaching Mindset We do this by understanding the Ethics and Guidelines we as coaches adhere to, by exploring the ICF Core Competencies and their meaning to the coaching relationship, by defining what coaching is and is not, and finally by developing a mindset that is favorable to the inner growth and transformation of our coachees. 

Coaching Presence 

Coaching Presence elevates the way we, as coaches, co-create the relationship by offering an environment of trust, curiosity and openness for our coaches. By being fully conscious and present with our clients, we not only bring our best selves to our sessions, but also allow our clients to feel safe and to be whole.  

Main Core competencies: Cultivates Trust and Safety, Maintains Presence, Listens Actively 

We do this by stepping away from our judgements, beliefs, and assumptions, by being supportive and empathetic, by acknowledging the coach’s uniqueness, and by exploring both the ‘what’ and the ‘who’ to create clarity and insights. 

Our Coaching Skills module takes your coaching competencies to the next level by giving you the tools and the resources to create a deeper awareness, to facilitate insights, and to transform the learning into action, while allowing your clients to take ownership and accountability for those actions. 


Main Core competencies: Evokes Awareness, Facilitates Client Growth 

We do this by exploring a variety of coaching tools to be used in your sessions, by practicing these tools in the classroom and outside, by reflecting on techniques that can be personalized to our clients in their learning process so key insights can surface in their journey. 

Developing as a coach goes beyond just the work we do with our clients. Starting with our sessions, you will undertake a discovery journey of who you are as an individual but also within your coaching practice. While this is just the beginning of the journey, we want to ensure you have everything you need to continue that journey. As a coaching student, you will attend both group and individual mentor coaching, a powerful way to get feedback from your instructors and your peers. Peer coaching will give you the practice that is key to perfecting the art of coaching. Finally, you will learn how to build your own coaching model that represents you and your style of coaching as well as develop your own coaching niche.

Diploma Day is an extra day reserved for all participants to showcase their coaching skills after finishing the program. The oral examination consists of a coaching session with an examiner assessed over a 15-minute phone conversation. The day concludes with a Diploma Ceremony, when we reflect on our coaching journey and celebrate with champagne!


Certification Process Certification follows the full completion of the coursework. After submitting your training attendance log, you will be invited to book an oral examination that consists of a coaching session with an examiner assessed over a 15-minute phone conversation. Upon successful completion of all requirements, a diploma will be sent to you. 

Our program is currently in the process of being recognized by ICF and will state the number of training hours and mentor coaching hours that the participants achieved as part of the ACTP training

How will I learn?
Method & Approach

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the most efficient way for acquiring new skills that remain with you. You get concrete tools that you can immediately put into practice, while you also get to experience their impact on yourself. All our programs are based on experiential learning: this means we rarely use presentations and lectures in-class. The learning is done through a lot of practice and exercises where the participants learn by doing, observing, experiencing, self-reflection and feedback from their peers, which are essential for creating awareness and making an impact. Of course, handouts and materials are sent at the end of each module, but practice is the key.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is a holistic approach to doing coaching. Each and everyone of us has a sleeping power source of the untapped potential which we bring to life. For long-term results we discovered that self-awareness is the key element to help clients achieve goals. Anchoring the goals into a strong foundation ensures their fulfillment. All our 15+ years of experience of coaching are gathered in this powerful, modern approach to doing coaching. With very carefully chosen exercises and experiential learning you set a goal from knowing your true self and your values. From knowing what gifts and talents you have and with awareness of your dreams and visions you find the energy and power; and in this you find your motivation to reach your goals and to create a true transformation.

Appreciation What you focus on grows!

This is something that guides us as coaches and is also deeply rooted into the way we do training and into the flow of our coaching programs. As a coach you have unyielding faith into your client and see their greatness. You don’t need somebody to tell you what’s wrong, you grow when somebody gives you feedback on what you do well. We build on what is already there because you have the potential and the answer lies within you. As a participant in our program, you will deeply experience what that means and know that your uniqueness makes you the best coach you can be.

When can I participate?
Training days & costs

Location: Online

Language: English, 

Training hours09.00-17.00

Price: 4995 € (VAT included for private, + VAT for companies)

Payment plan option: we support our participants with a monthly payment plan of 6 installments of 900.00€. 

Pre-Enrollment Fee: 300€ (deducted form the total cost)

We offer special discount for employees in NGO’s


Vasile Borz
Vasile Borz
Production Manager, WIP Industries
Read More
I felt the whole program as a journey against my "normal" way to do things but at the end of each day I felt enlightened and always left being curious to come back and see what else I've been doing "the hard way" until now. It was one of the most interesting learning experiences I had. I could not believe how easy it is to learn by doing and how the whole puzzle was coming together during the courses.
Georgiana Melestean
Georgiana Melestean
Learning & Development Consultant, Evozon
Read More
The content of the course and the way it was organized prepared me for success. The atmosphere gave me the courage to open up and say anything that crossed my mind. This program helped at both professional and personal levels. I have more confidence, I am more aware of what I am capable of, and besides the fact that I can practice coaching, I can use the skills that I learned here in other areas as well, like helping people or groups to achieve what they want.
Dorina Nas
Dorina Nas
Employer Branding Manager, Emerson
Read More
The trainers were very experienced, inspiring and fun. I loved the structure of the course, the approach and the tools because they are applicable in all areas. My key takeaway: the hero approach. It’s been helping me to keep developing my compassion towards myself and others.
Andrei Antoniu
Entrepreneur & Business Coach
Read More
The training is really good, and I really recommend CoachCompanion. First because you become a better person: you understand yourself better, you know your values, you know what you want to do, you follow your passions and you develop your intuition and it’s very beneficial for you in the first place. In the second place it’s very, very beneficial for the people around you, because when you become a better person, then everyone round you becomes better. And because you become a professional coach with high standards, and you know what you are doing, then you can help a lot of people: clients, family friends and basically everyone around you. You develop your communication skills, you know how to listen, you are present, you are more mindful and you are really armed with a toolbox that can help you everywhere: with your client, with the people around you and you really develop yourself as a person and also in your career. If you want to become a better coach and want to help a lot of people, then this place is for you. You can come here and develop yourself through the CoachCompanion programs and they will really help you develop as a professional and certified coach and you will be very glad you did this. Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you here!
Anca Rusu
Career Coach
Read More
I think what I liked the most was the fact that it had a lot of exercises. It was a hands-on experience all the way. We got the concepts, but everything we learn, we learned from experience. And before we use any coaching tool with our clients, we use it with ourselves and we see what is happening and I think that’s important.
Nicoleta Florian
HR Professional
Read More
I liked the fact that we had a chance to practice and put into action all the exercises that we learned in the program. It was amazing to have the interaction with the colleagues. We had a lot of opportunities to learn from each other, to discuss each step in the process and I also enjoy Maria’s guidance throughout the process and her being there to tell us about the most important things in this program. I also liked the energy and atmosphere during the classes. It was warm, welcoming, safe and it really helped me exercise all the steps for reaching this coaching goal for me.
Szilard Kacso
CEO and Trainer at Azimut Happy Employees
Read More
The coaching program was really intensive, but also personal with different kinds of activities that challenge your perspective of how to do coaching and also challenges yourself and develop yourself into becoming a better coach. It is a really good combination of practice activities, but also discussions among us. It’s not just a trainer-facilitated program, but also a peer-to-peer facilitated program, so we had a lot of interesting experiences within the team doing activities together and demo coaching together. And we had a lot of homework, so I think it’s a really complex program that can help you a lot in developing your competencies.
Vlad But
Managing Partner at Azimut Happy Employees
Read More
I think one of the most important things I learned during this program is one of the key concepts that really stuck with me: trust the person in front of you and see the hero in your client. That was a really important aspect because I had consultancy experience before going to this module of coaching and you are just used to telling clients what to do or consulting them or giving them the solutions, whereas from now on you should start listening to them and actually help them find their own solution and just trust that they have their own solutions- they know it. Event if it’s obvious for you and for them not yet. So this was one really important aspect that I think is crucial for being a really successful coach: see that in your client. And trust that he really does have the answers, you just have to be patient and be there with him, along his side.
Liza Lazar
Business Psychologist | Coach
Read More
Changes I actually felt on more than one level. I felt it personally. I feel that I grew a lot with the competencies that I developed, the core competencies of a coach. They grew me as well in terms of communicating and in terms of understanding people- so the way you relate with people, and that goes into your professional and personal life. I saw myself grow in dealing with clients and my family. So all of this, this questions ... I can answer that it affected me on a big, big level.
Iuliana Stoica
Managing Director at UNIQA Raiffeisen Software Service
Read More
In the first place I think this is a great experience to develop yourself and definitely learn new things and yes- why not, to help others!
Diana Calin
Trainer, Consultant, Speaker, Project Manager
Read More
This was a great element in this training. Very interesting people participated, and it was nice to have inputs and to share experiences with people that are working in training, learning and development, managers, people coming from the IT area. And the dynamics of the group was full of joy and full of interest to develop our coaching competencies. Besides the trainers, I got a lot also from the participants in terms of competencies and sharing with our peers this incredible journey.
Ana Maria Mociofan
Read More
The CoachCompanion experience was so great for me because it’s not only about learning how to become a coach, it’s about discovering yourself and discovering how to guide and help other people reach their goals and make a change. I met so many great people here, had a lot of nice and deep experiences. Big “thanks” for my trainers and I love being here; it’s a sweet moment for my heart!
Paladia Petrat
Managing Partner at IntegraHR
Read More
I am really happy that I decided to attend this program because I really took a lot from it, not only on a professional level, but also on a personal one. I learned a lot about what it means to be a coach and I also learned a lot about myself. And this was just as valuable for me. I believe this will be something that will help me in the future: in my career and my personal life.
George Mirescu
Manager at Soimul Agrimex
Read More
For me this program was a super great experience. I met some extraordinary people and it helped me develop tremendously so thank you for that! I had so many questions about coaching my exercise clients and I really needed her guidance! This service gave me an amazing coaching experience and helped me tremendously develop as a future coach! I'll certainly recommend this service to anyone might be interested in benefits of coaching.
Ioana Bora
Trainer and Coach
Read More
This coaching program was one of the best programs I’ve been participating to. I recommend it to everyone who wants an improvement on every level, whether it’s personal development or professional life. I think it can really contribute to your growth!
Alin Babasan
Managing Partner at IntegraHR
Read More
Professional Coach with Diploma was a great program, it was very insightful. I felt very good and I learned a lot of new things which will help me in my career so I can implement it with my clients in order to obtain great results together.
Andreea Muresan
Managing Partner at IntegraHR
Read More
Professional Coach with Diploma helped me a lot in my personal and professional life. I learned a lot of tools that I can use with my clients and it helped me know myself better.

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