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Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0

Instead of focusing on WHAT we do, SDI 2.0® can help us understand WHY we behave in a certain way and HOW we relate to each other. With the help of Relationship Intelligence (RQ) SDI 2.0 can create a common language that helps people to understand what is important.

Relations building is way more than soft skills, and SDI 2.0 plays a significant role in helping us relate to others – and develop our ability to enhance the dialogue.

SDI 2.0 focuses on our motivational values and gives a critical connection to an important leadership skill – “the art to influence”. It is easier to communicate with and influence someone when you understand what is important to that person. This insight helps you to choose the best way to work to engage people whose way of thinking seems strongly different from yours.


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Better Teams


Smarter decisions – Sustainable results


Core Strengths gives your team the opportunity to meet on-line, educate virtually and have a productive collaboration from all parts of the world.


use sdi 2.0 for better teams

Core Strengths Platform

What do you think about having quick access to all people’s way of communicating?

core strnghts platformCore Strengths platform builds Relationship Intelligence (RQ) over your whole network. When several people do the SDI 2.0 assessment others can see their results. Reference frameworks are created and these can be used to navigate among personality differences and use them in the best way throughout the organization. This focused effort to strengthen working relationships pays off quickly with better individual and group results.

The platform gives you possibility to:

  • See and go through personal SDI 2.0 assessment debriefs
  • Compare profiles with coworkers and teams for fresh insight on how to approach conversations, presentations, and performance reviews.

Build Fantastic Teams


Most teams have either too much conflict or not enough opposition in order to see all sides of an issue. The team can now use the platform to refresh the understanding towards each other and conflicts can be managed in real time so that you get a more productive interaction.

The team board portrait – a portrait of the team’s strengths – provides an insight into the perceived versus the actual culture of a team and helps to define the steps that can be taken to achieve the ideal image.

creating fantastic teams
using sdi 2.0

It’s about relationships


By cracking the code to people’s diverse communication styles, the team can more clearly see the positive intentions behind others’ actions. The dynamics of the relationships then becomes clearer and navigation is simplified.

Relationship Intelligence (RQ)

relationship intelligence

The ability to see the world from someone else’s perspective is crucial. The Core Strengths platform reinforces this perspective and provides language suggestions that can be used during conversations, in emails, text messages and meetings where relationships can be deepened, problems solved and progress made.


See the team’s strong sides from a helicopter view 


improving relationshipsIn a team there are many different skills, but the success lies in knowing why and how people use these skills.
The team consists of relationships that work together in many ways, which means that the team’s composition is crucial for productivity. But how often does a team look at itself as a whole?

On the Core Strengths platform, the results from a team’s SDI 2.0 can be combined into a strength portrait for the team and provide insight into (and beyond) team dynamics. If a new person starts in a team and has a complementary strength, e.g. someone who is methodically outstanding, it can lift the whole team so that they perform better. This conscious collection of strengths increases adaptability and accountability and creates an arena for those who are part of the team to be closer to each other and build stronger relationships.

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