If your life is a garden and you are a flower…

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There are different kind of flowers. Some are beautiful with a lot of flowers and strong colours and they make the room light up with life. Others are majestic with big leaves that give shade and comfort. Some are modest like orchids simple in its glory, but still very complex if you look closer.

Herbs don’t usually have big flowers, but you can use the leaves to make infusions/tea to make you feel better. Camomile that soothes you help you calm down and fall asleep. Or the wonderful scent of Lavender than has a calming effect and is used for perfume or aroma therapy. Or the Ginger root or Aloe Vera that is good for pretty much everything in your body.

A plant needs water, fertilizer and a good environment to survive and grow strong.

What flower or plant are you? What do you need to flourish and grow strong? How do you want to use your special characteristics? What are you longing for?

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