Coaching and Crisis

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As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the world, most of people will be infected directly or indirectly by crisis. As a result, the majority will experience somehow negative thoughts and feeling that can affect badly the way to deal with this crisis. In fact, coaching help face the crisis.

The definition of coaching is different from one person to another. For example, in sport a coach is a person who is charged to teach players new skills and to guide them to develop their abilities. As a manager or a leader, you should have the skill of coaching in order to guide your team, in addition coaching helps you to support them and all of this for the benefits of the company.  The professional coaching is another step or a higher level of the previous roles, that means a professional coach is a person who has the tools and skills to guide individuals to discover their hidden skills.  

How does coaching work?
How can coaching help in the time of crisis?

All of us face crisis in a moment, as a result, we face also stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. In addition, coaching doesn’t need to avoid difficult problems or phases people face, but address them as part of the challenges that life brings. As coaches we should help people to fight the negative mindset by establishing a safe and supportive environment.

How? simply by providing them:

And help them to be:

  • Mindful
  • More present
  • Goal-oriented
  • Future-oriented

In addition, coaching helps to make the best possible decisions by challenging situations you’re facing right now

With coaching you will be able to see this phase as an opportunity to look at your entire life and ask, “What do I really want?” and “What do I really want to be?”

Whatever you are facing in this moment you should always believe that:

  • You are strong,
  • You can control your thoughts,
  • You can make a balance between your thoughts and feeling 
  • You have all the skills to start again

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